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We make cutting-edge Accessible.

We are a remote-first organization with a team distributed across global time zones. Over the years in industry, we observed a common challenge faced by businesses of all sizes - to keep up with the rapid disruption that the internet brings. We decided to simplify every aspect of business function - inwards and outwards. 

We do this by taking an opinionated approach to the web technologies stack. This approach eliminates bottlenecks related to custom software that does not interoperate effectively, while providing the advantages of quick deployment, reduced downtime utilizing best practices; and most importantly - huge cost savings. 


We use this same streamlined approach in choosing our toolkit to deliver real business impact. So many man-hours are saved when we eliminate zillions of options to choose from, ultimately resulting in deliverables in record time.


Brands want increased top lines, higher customer retention, and lasting brand loyalty.


By making web technologies accessible, teams of all sizes benefit from straightforward web-based systems. And keeping user experience central to the solutions we deliver, all stakeholders are delighted at every touchpoint.

We become a strategic advantage in growing your business in an online world.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, every organization was disrupted in how they operate, and it's not going back to old ways. Internet applications are the default state for employees as well as consumers. We provide solutions that empower even the smallest teams, with the same capabilities available to large multi-national companies. Give your business an efficiency boost of lean teams managing highly automated processes. Thank us later!


Invest in core competence
Outsource everything that is not in the domain of your expertise. Let the experts solve it for you, and trust the process 
Systems thinking
Industry best practices adapted to your particular industry win over custom solutions. As a bonus, systems thinking scales well, and process automations become highly feasible
Incremental happiness
Productive teams are a great win for mankind. Transform your processes step-by-step. Efficient internet-based solutions are for everyone. 
Human-centric design
A great experience is central to a lasting customer relationship. To solve problems at scale, we have to put humans in the center, and design solutions with empathy.
Great solutions are intuitive
The difference between great and good is almost invisible and hardly quantifiable. Our yardstick is adaptive tools that fit in with user behavior. And best practices in digital tooling empower everyone, without a steep learning curve.
Open core approach
Wonderful solutions are built on Open Source foundations. Public audited code is way superior, concerning security, reliability & usability.

Quick pitch.


A CIO today is unlike any other from the past. You have the mandate to deliver disruptive technology to users, both internally and to customers. Within that challenge, there's an opportunity for modernizing all the core processes and strategies of your company.

A successful transformation requires adaptive applications that can be quickly customized to evolving customer and business demands. Digital Transformation, therefore, is far more than just a technology switch. It’s about training people and changing processes to get more out of the most powerful tool in business. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence,cloud computing,the Internet of Things, and more are fundamentally changing businesses the world over.


TLDR: We help modernize your organisation by making use of latest digital stack.


Outsourcing IT responsibilities is today’s business reality. Your employees and customers are not bounded by location, why should your servers and applications be? With advancements in security and access control, it is safer to store your critical business data in the 'Cloud'; but only if you implement the correct and battle-tested solutions.


With an increasingly remote workforce being the most cost-effective option for balancing talent retention and operational spending; It only makes complete sense to migrate your workloads that are accessible wherever you are now, and the real benefits start emerging when you expand. To maximize the chances of a successful switch, we offer solutions that help you set impactful goals and implement a smooth transition.

TLDR: Putting web applications at the core of business processes keeps your operations running smoothly while saving money.


We help a wide range of businesses realise a greater awareness and demand for their offerings. Our team of professionals have trained and experience in Brand Strategy, Graphic Design and Marketing Communications.

Design thinking is at the core of what we do and our aim is to achieve harmonic resonance between the brands we work on and their consumers. We combine creativity, craft and technology into ideas and experiences that improve people’s lives. We put insight and imagination at the center of everything we do.

TLDR: We help you make a brand that can’t be ignored.


Customers want to buy their favorite products without leaving the comfort of their couches, and failing to meet that need can put you immediately at a disadvantage.

It’s important to note that your prospective online store isn’t a replacement for your physical store. If anything, e-commerce reinforces your physical store. We build modern commerce platforms for you using industry-leading MACH principles (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless), allowing you to work with, not around, your operating model to tailor experiences to the exact needs of your business and your customers.


Setting up an e-commerce store is just the start. You need monitoring on how well it’s doing from a revenue perspective and, especially, pay attention to how your customers are reacting. Then using those metrics and feedback to make improvements to the store. 

TLDR: We take your products to consumers. Globally. Efficiently


Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. Machine Learning. Big data analytics. Metaverse. Web3.

These are not merely hot buzzwords that are meme-worthy. Rather these upcoming technologies are going to define how consumers behave and how businesses would need to adapt to these emerging technologies.


The future is not as far as it may seem. This is already a reality that is being built right in front of us. It can be tricky to understand the impact it will have on your industry. You need forward-thinking partners to keep these trends in check and help you navigate this emerging world for your benefit.


TLDR: We are your partners in planning for the next phase of computing and web evolution


  • IT & Telecom

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Consumer Brands

  • Fintech

  • Gaming

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Architecture

  • Logistics

  • Retail

  • Food & Beverage

  • Fashion

  • Consumer goods

  • Interactive arts

  • Social Impact





Operations director


Our champion of keeping projects in check. Skilled in managing Projects/service delivery, operations, and service sales for delivering a portfolio of ICT infrastructure and Process automation projects. 30+ years of driving achievement of key corporate goals while enhancing the customer experience.



Design director


A result-oriented designer, delivering consistently high levels of productivity. Dipaq loves taking on challenges and pushing the limits with every step of the design process. A design generalist with experience working on projects with Microsoft, General Motors, VPLP Design; he combines his training in Industrial design with innovative thinking applied to 2D, 3D, and motion graphics. He is also the producer of India's first podcast related to growing in a design career.



Mobile app champion


Ankit has been writing computer software since a very young age. His knowledge of multiple programming languages led him to a path of Full-Stack application development. His team is capable of handling complex application requirements for Business & Consumer applications.



Solutions architect


The Sum of parts is always greater than the parts. Mayank has been fascinated by computers since childhood. That curiosity has led him to gather diverse skills at the intersection of technology, design, and human psychology. He brings this unique perspective to Product and Brand development



Digital marketing leader


Amit brings his diverse experience working with global brands like Accenture, Yahoo & Mastercard, and applies it to how emerging companies can grow exponentially in a digital landscape. He leads a team of digital marketers using data science tooling so you can always stay ahead of the competition. His deep understanding of marketing, combined with his passion for technology, makes him a valuable partner in your success



Camera maestro


Ishwar is the master of lenses. He heads a team of creative photographers and videographers skilled in advanced imaging software. His passion for photography has led him to work with global brands like Uber, Rivigo, and the Indian football team

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