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Resilience built-in
Resilience built-in
Bring your entire enterprise on a single dashboard. Get reports on every corner of your business function. Onboard all stakeholders on User friendly tools that are always up and never require maintenance. Get the advantage of always updating web software so that your data is always secure; while your workforce enjoys the very latest features




All the tools you need to manage cash flow in one place, right from recording transactions to summarizing and analyzing financial reports. With configurable accounting dimensions and customizable dashboards, it's finally possible to analyze every component of your business in one place.


Customer Support

Win and retain more customers by optimising sales process. Track leads, opportunities and send the quotes on the go.


Project Planning

Deliver a better service experience with an intuitive issue tracker and integrated knowledge base. Deliver both internal and external projects on time, budget and profitability. Track tasks, timesheets and issues by project.


Human Resources

Manage full employee life cycle right from onboarding, payroll, attendance, expense claims, assets to separation.



Increase productivity and lower costs by managing your sales and purchase cycles, from purchase to sales orders



With workplaces and employees spread across the globe, it is important to set up a system that connects everyone across your workplace. We setup collaboration tools that grow with your organization and employees to help turn ideas into reality faster than ever.



Maintain and Manage details of assets, their movement, value adjustment and depreciation. Effectively maintain and manage multilevel bill of materials, production planning, job cards & inventory.


Process Automation

You can use automation for single tasks, like adding contacts to your CRM when someone fills out a form, or to create complex workflows that take that form submission and go on to assign leads to team members, create deals, update spreadsheets, and send customized emails back to the lead.


Zapier empowers you to automate your work across 4,000+ apps—so you can move forward, faster.

Work more efficiently, minimize tedious tasks, and unlock new possibilities with automation for your whole organization.

We use Zapier to automate your business workflows across every web application you can imagine. We can help you save thousand of cumulative man-hours by identifying and automating redundant processes

ERPNext is the world's best free and open source ERP

ERPNext implementations are complex. We have enough knowledge to handle all implementations efficiently.

We understand regional businesses and processes and therefore can provide effective support in a language your team is most comfortable with.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Salesforce platform helps your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere.

We apply our ample CRM consulting experience to help companies in professional services, retail, IT, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, and other industries benefit from Salesforce use.

Google Workspace
Flexible collaboration tools designed for all the ways work is changing.

Google Workspace gives you flexible tools that enable agility, interoperability, customization and seamless work at scale—across companies, software, devices and distances.

When you choose Google Workspace, you join the world's best brands in shaping the future and moving work forward.

Zoho One
Zoho One is a set of applications to help to run an entire business on the cloud.

As Zoho One Partner, we help you to manage your job orders with a cohesive set of applications and increase your business efficiency with a full-featured platform.

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